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Marriage in Midlife


30% of all midlife marriages divorce after the children leave.

Many couples find that when the children have left home, they are forced to re-examine their own relationship. In the professional literature, marriage in midlife is often called “The Second Half of Marriage.”

As an experienced marital therapist and relationship coach this is an area of special interest to me. It is important to take a proactive approach to revitalize and deepen your relationship.


Reinvest in your spouse.
After the focus on raising children and being parents for so long, the challenge is to re-create a partner-focused relationship.

Revitalize your sex life.
After years of lack of privacy and intimacy that has perhaps grown routine and stale, the challenge is to re-start the romance and get involved in a life-long love affair with your spouse.

Resolve conflicts effectively.
After putting disappointments and resentments aside for so long, the challenge is to allow them to surface and work them out in a creative way to benefit the marriage.

Reconnect with each other.
After years of communicating about the issues regarding the children, the challenge is to re-establish a communication system that allows for the expression of your deepest feelings, concerns, fears and hopes.

Renegotiate your relationship with aging parents and adult children.
After releasing the children into adulthood and facing the decline of our parents, the challenge is to adjust to the changing roles in your lives.

Reassess your health.
After years of taking good health for granted, the challenge is to understand physical changes and emerging health concerns, then build and maintain a healthful lifestyle.

Review your financial and retirement status.
After years of meeting monthly financial obligations, the challenge is to take inventory and plan for a secure financial future.

Typically people identify with at least a few of these challenges. Would you like to address them? I can help with just that. I will work with you to:
  • Identify your specific needs.
  • Specify your individual and joint goals.
  • Design a personalized program to meet your goals.
  • Create a step-by-step action plan.
  • Generate practical and effective exercises.
  • Put the fun back into your relationship.
  • Provide ongoing support and accountability to help you succeed.


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